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RSSK Multimedia

Last update: 4.25.10


Unfortunately, we haven’t been very careful about taking pictures and etc. at our events yet – please stay tuned for multimedia updates.  If you have pictures from any RSSK events or Paideia shooting classes, PLEASE e-mail them to us so we can post them!  (E-mail address above)



Instructional Video


gunhandling1.wmv – 15mB


A little video about RSSK’s gunhandling procedures for a semi-auto handgun.



Lecture PowerPoint files:

These are the PowerPoint presentations for some of the RSSK classes, mostly from Paideia 2010.  If you have any questions about the contents of the slides, please e-mail us.  Please note that these aren’t stand-alone documents, so the outline items never include finite levels of lecture detail, so for example, when you see “Duty to respond” under the “Police” heading in the RSSK 301 .ppt file, this isn’t talking about the police’s duty to respond but rather is a prompt for the lecturer to talk about how the police do NOT have a legal duty to respond to a call for help.  Also, a few multimedia items were used in class that were drawn from the internet and won’t be available from the .ppt files.  See the “Links” section of this page.

Here are the files:  (Click to open or download.)

“RSSK 101: Guns” (~4.0 mB)  - This is the unabridged general training lecture.

“RSSK 102: Modern Firearms” (~16.9mB)

“RSSK 301: Tactical Implementation and Law” (~3.1 mB)


The old blurbs for these courses (so you can see what they were about).  

RSSK 101: Guns 

The course will focus on firearms and shooting for the unfamiliar (refresher for the familiar).  We will address topics including types of firearms (and their historical evolution), the mechanical function of a firearm and ammunition, safe handling and storage of a firearm, and accurate, ergonomic shooting techniques.  The course is geared at getting students into a comfort zone with firearms, allowing them to handle guns safely and begin learning to shoot them accurately.  The course will cover everything on the gun handling test for concealed weapons permits in many states, as well as providing a personal practice regimen.  If you are afraid of guns, PLEASE attend this course. 


RSSK 102: Modern Firearms

This course will cover some of the most important functional classes of modern small arms, focusing on the inception, evolution, function, and use of different types of guns (e.g. the M16/AR-15 platform, precision rifles, competition handguns, full-autos/"machine" guns, future weapons, etc.). Sort of a history class.


RSSK 301: Tactical Implementation and Law

Wednesday, 1:00pm - 4:00pm


Suggested prerequisite: Handgunning 101 and 201.  This course will focus on how, when, and why you can tactically use handguns.  This includes five basic subtopics: How you may tactically possess a handgun (how do people carry, store, and deploy handguns?), how you may legally possess one, how you can tactically use it (post-deployment techniques and information), how you may legally and morally use it (when is lethal force warranted?), and a discussion of the implications of having firearms in your life.  The course is a must for anyone who would like the option of armed resistance, whether or not you plan on using it.  We may also form a group for future shooting range trips (to the PSTC) or participation in an off-campus practical shooting league (which is enormous fun).






Free Online Gun Safety Training

This course ends by giving you a free certificate which is legitimate for you application for an Oregon concealed handgun license.  It takes about 25 minutes.  Use the “broadband” version.



From Combat Handgunning 301: Self-defense aftermath interview with 70-year-old Billy Jackson.



Function of a Glock (and really all autopistols)



No Nonsense Self-Defense:

An extremely useful and informative website for anyone who’s not interested in being victimized.  Used in class for verbal tactics reference.



Cornered Cat

Intended as a womens’ reference for all areas of defensive handgun use, it has become a wealth of information about all shooting topics, especially self-defense.



Clackamas County Sheriff Office’s Public Safety Training Center

The shooting range we use for RSSK shooting events.  If you go, tell them you’re from Reed.  More info on the Shooting Resources page.



Oregon Firearms Federation:

Useful reference for Oregon gun laws and gun politics news.  This organization also helped fund the Paideia shooting classes.




More to come…



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