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Semester Agenda

Here are the things you'll see on the budget, and some other things  
that don't go on that budget but that we'll be working on this semester:

-- Shooting Range Trips - We're hoping to take 192 of you to the  
range.  I know that won't cover everyone, but just that many will cost  
$6,000.  We'll run the trips a little like the one on Sunday, but  
streamlined (after we've done that type of trip 4 times now) and with  
a little more shooting time.

-- RSSK Community Outreach - This plan isn't entirely formulated yet,  
but I believe we'll have a volunteer corps in place and working by  
mid-semester.  The idea is that the people who teach gun safety in  
local gradeschools are usually volunteers, and we might as well be  
those volunteers!  We can also make all the arrangements so that it'll  
be sure to happen.  We can use the NRA Eddie Eagle program or a  
program of our own endorsement (which is practically free to use).  If  
you'd like to know why this is important enough for our organization  
to take on, ask me.  This can't go on the budget, but I know how to  
get off-campus funding for this (I think).

-- Gun Show field trips - Each semester I take about 30 people to the  
gun show.  We've enjoyed this in the past, and it's an excellent way  
for people to see what guns are out there, not to mention to  
experience the unique piece of Americana that is a Gun Show.  We're  
planning on two trips this semester.

-- Staff resources - This an item on the budget, and it's to keep your  
safety staff alive at the range.  It'll just buy some bottled water,  
granola bars, etc.

-- T-shirts and/or hats - People have asked for a year now about  
getting hats and/or T-shirts.  I'm working on that, but it can't go in  
our budget (because of rules associated with the Student Body Fund).   
We'll sell them for around $10 (shirts) or hats for around $5-7.   
Also, we NEED someone to design a logo for these items, so please  
contact me if you have artistic skills.  I also have an idea for a  
logo, but simply can't draw it.

-- Training guns - So I can stop borrowing plastic guns from my friend  
Karl every time we have a training class.  "Capital improvement."

-- Ice cream socials - The semester before last, I always had ice  
cream socials in conjunction with training meetings so that people  
could mingle and get to know one another.  I like to think that our  
group is, or can be, a community and not just an e-mail list.  Anyway,  
this is a budget item for about a gallon and a half of ice cream per  
training meeting.

-- Training materials for Basic Pistol - This is for the national  
certification course I want to put on twice this semester.  It'll be a  
3-meeting class (the first meeting being the RSSK safety training,  
slightly modified for the purpose) with two follow-up night classes  
over two weeks, and finally a range day.  I'm still checking into  
prices on this.

-- MP-5 class - I want to get some of you the opportunity to shoot  
some submachine guns.  It'll probably be in the form of some sort of  
competition for people who started shooting with RSSK, and it'll be a  
short speed and accuracy test.  The top half-dozen or so will get to  
take a submachine gun class at the PSTC.

-- Home firearm safety course for faculty/staff/students - I'm also  
certified to teach an NRA course on home firearm safety, which  
basically teaches people how to identify, unload, handle, and safely  
store a firearm, with no loading or shooting involved.  I'd like to do  
this course for any interested faculty/staff, and would also be happy  
to make house calls to student houses to do classes for the housemates  
of gun owners.  It's an after-dinner length activity.  Contact me if  
you're interested.


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